Do Our Thoughts Have Mass???

– By Usman Khan, NUST Science Blog

Every person in the world, no matter what his mental condition is, whether he’s well-educated or strictly illiterate, is unceasingly thinking about something. The thoughts jumbled up in one’s mind continue to flash across in a particular order, usually according to what seems more important at the time being.

But has anyone of us ever thought that what we are thinking is something more than just a train of some pent up emotions crossing our mind, that they might have some physical existence? The idea seems crude, naïve and, indeed, laughable and many will think that I am just another nutter who’s just blabbing about something that not only seems impossible but raises questions about my sanity, too. But that doesn’t change the fact that similar questions have been raised innumerable times in history, and although quite some people with great minds and intellect have tried to answer them according to their own beliefs, but none of the explanations was satisfactory or good enough to be accepted worldwide. Many have tried to prove it theoretically as well as practically, but every time they did, the world wasn’t ready as yet to accept the truth or to discern the real meaning of what was being told to them. As a result, the concept got lost in the history, no doubt like many other concepts that were outside the boundary of understanding of a common man.

Yet now I raise this question again, and will also try to present to you the thoughts of many more knowledgeable, more learned and those of much higher intellect than me. However, I won’t compel you to come to a particular conclusion just because I think what is actually correct. But instead I’ll just urge you to think and ponder for yourselves and reach to your own conclusions based on pure logic. I’ll invite you to develop your own opinion as to what you think is the truth and I’ll repeat once again that whatever opinion you hold, no one whatsoever will criticize you because there is just very little proof of what actually is the truth. So use your own uncanny skill to deduce what is correct from the various facts I lay before you.

Noetic Sciences is the new, fascinating area, dedicated to answering basic questions regarding thoughts – do they have mass? Weight? Are they material? It takes on the task of investigating how, on a quantum level, we are influenced and influence the world around us. Anybody who has read Dan Brown’s latest book “The Lost Symbol” can see for themselves how this fascinating field is being introduced in bestseller books and movies.

Here’s how they do it: Our thinking processes are made up of electrical impulses. This activity is then measured using ultrasensitive devices that may measure minute changes in mass. Many people think that they have proved thoughts have mass in accordance with the laws of Physics!

Its believed that when a large crowd or a group are thinking the same thing over a particular matter, the outcome of the matter is heavily affected by the collective thoughts, because although a single thought isn’t strong enough to affect anything, but when combined with thousands of same thoughts, the mass they form is substantial enough to affect the outcome of that matter. It is this same theory that says thoughts (which have mass or weight) can therefore have a real impact on the world.

One of the big examples of this phenomenon is the home ground advantage at sports games. It may be attributed to the “at-home” feeling – or can it be all the support in the crowd, willing a certain result, creating millions of the same thoughts, which add up to a lot of mass and influence the outcome in a very real way?

Very often in history we have seen revolutions in different countries resulting in the complete change of path on which the country was travelling and it has been observed that the indications of a revolution are seen even before there’s actual mass movement to overthrow the then present government. The indications can be seen much earlier, when the majority of a country’s population decide that they are no longer satisfied with the way the things are being run and hence, come to a conclusion that they are in dire need to change the way they are leading their lives. It is then that their thoughts, when combined, form a mass resolute enough to start affecting the outcomes, and thus resulting in the chain of events that follow it till the phase is complete.

Some in history have gone so far to claim that there’s no such thing as sheer luck, that in fact when a person wants something pretty badly, his thoughts gain enough mass to then mould the events in his own favor, which he then perceives as his luck coming into play. Many of you would have felt that when a very big group of people is expecting some certain outcome; let’s say of some very important football match, the fear or excitement you feel is tangible. Those who believe in thoughts having mass say that the use of the word tangible is not metaphoric, but in fact is quite literal because the excitement of such a big mass is actual in the real sense and such strong emotions invoked in people actually do carry a significant mass that many can truly feel.

There were many in the history and no doubt will come in future to be intrigued by such notions and thus set out to find what they call is the “actual truth”; however, I for one do not want to twist things anymore for you guys. I have tried my best to lay before you all there is to this topic so that you can make up your own minds and maybe someday one of you will be able to make an instrument that’ll be able to measure thoughts in mass and maybe then this matter will be put to rest once and for all. In the meantime, if any of you do believe that thoughts have mass then think twice before you think, because every time you think, you are unknowingly adding more weight to this already very heavy earth.


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