Projectour Series

Projectour aims to offer a platform to share final year project ideas of undergraduate seniors. It encourages them to write about their work experiences in a casual way to provide an insight into basic research for their juniors and peers.

The basic pattern for the post is:
– Theme of your Project
– Background/Importance of your Project
– Potential Applications
– Future Directions

The post should be brief (about 300-1000 words), and simple enough for the students of other scientific disciplines to comprehend. Some advice and personal experience may be included wherever found necessary by the author.

The posts can be submitted to our general post submission form, right here.

Want to follow it? Well, there are a number of ways… Subscribe to us via email, or follow it at the dedicated facebook event page, where you can also get all kinds of details about it. You can also keep track of it at our facebook page. For queries, feel free to contact us on

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