A Day in the Life

You Really Don’t Know SEECS As Well As You Thought You Did

The NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, in this age of rapid progress, lays great emphasis on emerging, interdisciplinary, cutting-edge areas of research, and makes our highly talented youth, pretty much, want to kill themselves. SEECSians and non-SEECSians alike! If you limit your thinking to SEECS being the land of thetas and cheetahs, brace yourselves, for your mind is about to be blown. This is the NUST Science Society Blog presenting the reasons we have a love-hate relationship with SEECS.

  1. SEECS is the only school to provide its students the @seecs email domain

That’s right! SEECSians are cool enough to get private SEECS email IDs with their name’s initials (on which they ignore 95% of the emails; the exception being make up notices, and emails with the subject “Hello, I am daddy’s princess” sent to the whole school). The best part? The email ends with seecs@seecs.edu.pk so you can never accidentally forget you’re from SEECS! It’s a lifesaver for when people ask where you study!


  1. It’s also the only school that is completely centrally air-conditioned 

Maybe the NUST administration had a bit of a khula dil when it came to SEECS’ thermostatic budget or they realized that students’ cries would echo better across cooler corridors. Either way, SEECSians avail this facility to the fullest! The cheerful faces of students dying on the inside prove it.


  1. SEECS has the WORST Seminar hall

Have you seen the SMME or NIT seminar halls? They actually ARE seminar halls. Quite unlike the SEECS head designer’s plan that a tiny weirdly shaped room with random pillars strewn here and there would do the trick. *sighs* No matter, who needs a nice seminar hall anyway? *tries to not cry* *cries*


(Picture credits: IEEE SEECS)
  1. The most awesome library in NUST belongs to SEECS

People from far off lands (SMME and ASAB) come to the extremely spacious SEECS library to try to keep their synapses on point (the architects could’ve 4donated some space to the seminar hall, and yes, we’re exceedingly sensitive on that *sighs*). The highly efficient (read: strict and not so nice) librarians keep the noise at a minimum making this area the epitome of thetapan. Come one and all to witness SEECSian hospitality as we welcome everyone to our theta headquarters.

  1. Khaapa!

This is probably one point that doesn’t require much introduction5; the Khaapa/Bar-se-lo-na/SEECS Central Perk/Jholay Lal Khaapa/Ye Bik Gaya Khaapa. Final year students always stretch their imagination and pun manipulation techniques to the fullest when it comes to renaming one of SEECS’ greatest wonders, the go to place when the 150 m
walk to C2 seems like 150 km.

  1. SEECS has its very own Supercomputer

Located in the HPC facility in the PG Block, this supercomputer is something we can easily show off and still know nothing about! You just need to get some fingerprints of a few highly ranked members of the SEECS faculty to be able to access this beauty of a computer. Guess we know where you’ll do your next assignment, Mission Impossible style.


  1. RFID Lab security

If your thirst for all things James Bond and Johnny English hasn’t been quenched yet, you’ll be pleased to know a few of the extravagant labs at SEECS have RFID security. If you fancy a visit, nip a card off the lab engineers and explore to your heart’s content (please note that we, at the NSS, do not encourage theft and/or burglary).


  1. RIMMS also has an Anechoic Chamber lab8

Since IAEC and RIMMS apnay hi hain, the anechoic chamber, a room designed to completely absorb reflections of sound or electromagnetic waves (read: nice, quiet room), is also something SEECSians can boast about. From what we’ve heard, the only thing you hear in the room is your heartbeat! Sounds like a good investment for hostelites to make.

No matter how much fun we make of SEECS or how adamant we get when we say engineering was the worst mistake we ever made, there’s no doubt that all of us have a profound love for SEECS and everything related to it (admit it, guys. No one will judge you). Whenever outside the NUST walls, we defend every nook and cranny of our university and all our “rivalries” get thrown out the window, and that’s what makes NUSTians special. Stay strong, SEECSians! You’ll even miss the seminar hall when it’s over.


Maham Javed Sultan