The Writers



Waleed bin Khalid, Director Publications.

BS Mechanical Engineering, SMME

 A voracious reader, a connoisseur of music, an amateur guitar player and a movie buff. Generally an introvert but secretively a crazy nerd. Has had multiple episodes of existential crises but still fun to hang out with.


Ishaq Ibrahim

BS Mechanical Engineering, SMME

A not-so-obvious science and literature buff [read: nerd] with a love for football [read: no longer nerd]. Fascinated by the power words can exercise when strung intricately together. Can be found loitering around places that sell Nestea.


Maham Javed Sultan

BS Electrical Engineering, SEECS

A sophomore, patriot, 3rd generation army brat, and daughter of a Shaheed who writes to pour a bit of her soul onto paper (horcruxes in the making).


Mahnoor Fatima

BS Applied Biosciences, ASAB

That girl with a loud opinion. Forever reading, writing, overthinking, and ideating, when she really should be studying. Filled with wanderlust. Gets amused by fluent sarcasm and witty people. Planning to move to Mars soon.