Dr. Naveed Syed – The Inventor of the Bionic Chip

Dr. Naveed Syed with his bionic chip
Dr. Naveed Syed with his bionic chip

-by Ayesha Kaleem

The concept of human mechanization is always trending among the scientific and non-scientific communities worldwide. The science fiction genre has kept fandoms on their toes for decades producing movies like I-Robot and The Six Million Dollar Man.

The hybrid of man and robot is a fascinating idea which is in its early steps to materialization. Yes, a bionic robot can indeed become a possibility. Scientists have worked their way into fusing brain cells with a computer microchip! This opens up numerous horizons and is a big scientific breakthrough!

We can proudly say that the leading scientist behind this achievement is one of our own. Dr. Naveed Syed, working in the University of Calgary’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute has created the neurochip. He has made a way possible for us to know the communication between a tissue and an electronic device. The professor explained the phenomena as;

“It used to be like seeing two people talking at a distance. … You didn’t know what they were saying or even what language they were speaking. But now it’s like putting a microphone beside them,”

This discovery has started a flux of drug testing research for neurodegenerative diseases and disorders. A new set of clinical trials are in progress.  The electrical signaling in brain cells can be studied in detail with this technology. The brain cells of a patient suffering from epilepsy have been studied. The brain cell activity can be studied in powerful detail now. All the results and findings can then be stored in a database for further research.

This contribution to science is indeed a magnanimous one. Dr. Naveed Syed has made a name for Pakistan and contributed not only to the field of scientific research but also a big deal to our medical and pharmaceutical industries.

The 53 year old Scientist says and I quote;

“A lot of people still think bionics is science fiction. It’s not. It’s already here.”


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