Biztech: Unpowered Ankle Exoskeleton

Who doesn’t like to hop on earth just like astronauts do in space? We might not have made such devices yet but we have one device to show to you which drastically reduces gravity’s unavoidable pull on you.

Unpowered Ankle Exoskeleton , a brain child of Steve Collins and Graig Sawicki ,is a passive-elastic exoskeleton that makes walking easier without incorporating any input source. This device has been shown to reduce the metabolic cost of by 7%.It might seem a modest number but it is equivalent to taking of a 10-lb bag pack.

ankle  The basic science of this device is that it reduces the metabolic activity of the body by taking load off the calf muscles which exert force not only while walking but also while performing clutch like action to hold the Achilles tendon. This ordeal by calf muscles is synonymous to a brake which consumes fuel every time we press the brake which is not a desirable unless you own an oil well in the gulf. So, this device of ours, relieves the calf muscles’ from this futile activity and makes walking more comfortable and efficient without providing and external energy.

exoUnpowered Ankle Exoskeleton is a blessing for the people  who have had some kind of bodily impairment or strokes in past. Walking will no longer be an arduous task for them. Scientists are making efforts for searching more possibilities in the filed of wearable robots and with the surge in our knowledge of human body mechanics such devices are becoming more and more frequent.

P.S Steve and Collins had the idea of making this machine in 2007 while they were undergraduate students at University of Michigan so if you have any idea of yours, better get started on it now  because it takes time to build upon creative ideas and in this case it took 8 years in the drive from the inception of the idea to the realization of the dream.


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