Biztech: Prologue

From what I have observed in my (relatively short) life is that feelings are often contiguous. One brave man can instill bravery in the whole cadre of soldiers and one coward can make all his comrades lose belief in their destiny. Similarly, this analogy holds true for scientific research and technology incubation processes. People can innovate more in an environment of excellence or at least they perform out of their skins in company of skilled people.

Yeah, I know this got way too formal and grim even for my own liking. So lets throw the formality out of the window and come to the point. For some time now, I have been thinking of starting a series regarding the latest happening in technological and entrepreneurial world but it was partly because of my oh so famous procrastination instincts and partly because of all the hullabaloo surrounding the cricket world cup that I wanted to wait for April so that I can have your attention while I launch this new series.

Nustians are rapidly becoming pack leaders of a small yet fascinating community of entrepreneurs of Pakistan. Encouraging as it is, still the pace of this paradigm shift from complete dependency on traditional jobs to innovative startups is not very rapid. The situation exacerbates further in case of technological start ups. The NUST Administration has recently started competitions at different levels for the students to instigate a wave of social entrepreneurial ideas and it has received great response from students as well.

We (the NSS Publication Team) will be starting a fortnightly series (or maybe weekly if we are in mood) which will bring to you some of the latest happenings in technological world, few awesome entrepreneurial ideas and a lot of science with fun. The layout of this series isn’t final yet. We are huge fans of Darwin and his theory of evolution so we will let our series evolve in accordance with the stimulus provided by your response and comments.

The basic concept is to create an allure for innovation and inspiring you people to think, research and create.


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