Biztech: Connective Cycle’s Smart Paddle

Bicycles, though becoming an increasingly rare sight in mega cities of Pakistan, are extensively used worldwide for they not only are a cheap source of transport but also an effective exercise for leg muscles. For too long, we have all faced this conundrum of keeping our bicycles safe from thiefs having a special taste for sports bicycles. Well, it seems the thieves are in for an appointment with some career counselors because the devices which we are going to introduce to you will certainly leave a lot of thieves jobless.

cycleParis based Connected Cycles has developed world’s first smart integrated pedal with three uber cool functions.

bikeOnce installed on the bicycle,this pedal will automatically inform the owner  when some one touches the bicycle through an app. Additionally, this pedal comes with an in-built GPS to track your bicycle just in case someone tries to be adventurous and all that. No, you are wrong! You won’t be needing any battery to power this pedal as it is self sufficient and has its own internet.T his aluminum-bodied pedal will also automatically record the speed, route and incline of your travels, and the data will be transmitted over cloud to its smartphone app.

Overawed? We imagined so.

And the next in our list is…Ummm .How about we bring more stuff the next time around? Till then you can let us know about what you want to see more on this blog through your comments and bear this in mind that the essence of this series will be inspire young engineers to start creating things, start solving small problems and stop banking on others to solve their problems for them.

By Muhammad Bilal Anjum

NSS-Executive Publications


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