11181553_10153776224369027_1988728456_oUpon entering the seminar hall I heard people whispering to each other and looking rather aghast. I couldn’t figure out why.


Honestly, even I was took aback. So the video was showed to the teams who intently took down notes like good students; Jotting down all the details- minor to major. The documentary was about the biggest chemical engineering incident of the century. It was very amusing to watch and the audience was intrigued to say the very least. The teams were then given an answer sheet to provide the answers about the documentary asked. They were only given 7 freakin’ minutes to complete! Now that’s unfair! Whose to say though, these students were quite the nerds.

The documentary followed the must anticipated Rapid Fire round which could make or break the results of the tournament. Every team was given two rounds to answer the questions and boy did they answer! There was one team who would answer before even the completion of the question. I was astounded.

After that everyone was escorted out into the broad daylight to get their group photos taken.

As we all know all good things must come to an end but I can’t say we won’t come back to entertain you guys. Trust me we will! Ciao for now!

Ayesha Kaleem

Executive Publications.


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