On entering SCME, I could sense that something exciting was to happen. How I came to feel that way, you ask? Well, for one, the whole SCME gave the look of a giant maze. Secondly, participants of other events could be seen arguing with each other and with the organizers. The competition was really on now!

Mind Maze consisted of ten tasks ranging from academic (read parhai ke mutalliq) to practical to puzzles and in case you get bored, we have music too. Yes, you heard me right, we have a musical round too.

And, we’re off!

Hold your horses! We can’t just go into the Maze. First let’s decide the order in which teams will be sent. And for that, the participants were asked to “make” the logo of SciON’15 using coloured paper and glue. Hmm. Tough, I must say!

And the hassle started as the participants had to complete each task in five minutes.

After the first team had finished the puzzle, the organizers scrambled to disperse the connected pieces before the next team came. This made for a rather hilarious scene. “Hey throw these pieces away”.

Participants: “Machine… snow.. ice.. hail… oh I give up”.

Yes you got it right! It’s Dumb Charades.


I told you we have music too..

The pain of our participants was equally felt by our NSS representatives as well.

NSS representative: “Yar logon Ko chala chala ker thaka dia tum logon ne.”

We take pride in being the nerdiest society of NUST and no NSS competition will be complete without some “nerdiness”. So we made the participants “Put on nerdy glasses”.


This picture shows  a team listening and concentrating on music to solve riddles. That’s innovative, isn’t it?

After all teams had successfully (or not so successfully) completed their tasks. The most important part of the event and the part towards which every strives came. *Drum rolls* The prize distribution ceremony, in which the faculty sponsor of NSS and Principal SCME, Dr. Muhammad Mujahid was the chief guest and the winners and runners-up of all the events of SciON’15 were awarded. This marked the end of a truly thrilling and spectacular event.

By Zarrar Salahuddin

NSS-Manager Publications


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