Scion ’15 NEWSLETTER: Hydraulic Robot (Judging Round)

As the judges visited the teams one by one to have a look at the miracles they had performed the day before, all the participants dusted off their clothes and, with stern looks on their faces, continued to explain the working mechanisms of their hydraulic robots. It appeared as if the teams were under severe scrutiny by the judges, probably making them feel worse than that deer who got caught in head lights.

The hydraulic machines worked at times, showed the potential to work at times, and merely squished out some water from some leaking tube at times. As the water squirted out from that tube, marking that team’s work as a spoof of a machine, the other teams felt a hydraulic jolt to their egos. Nevertheless, the leaking team continued to offer explanations and far-fetched excuses to justify why their machine was less than two and a half percent efficient.

Surprisingly, the judging was over in a jiffy. With all the time they took yesterday to construct something, you would expect them to show up with a fully functioning model of Bob the builder’s truck. Instead, I had the ‘honour’ of seeing machines that did work but made my aesthetic sense relocate fifty miles East of where the event was taking place. It is expected to return by nightfall.

By Zohaa Wajid

NSS-Executive Publications


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