11181553_10153776224369027_1988728456_oValar Morghulis was all it took to snatch my full attention to this nerdy contest. We were told that the first round of the theoretical part would contain a crossword puzzle. Now, Sudoku I understand but crosswords just ain’t my cup of tea. Not till the Game of Thrones reference anyway. This crossword targeted these materials engineers to their very cores. They were to combine their geeky sides with fun ones- if they had them anyway. There was a Mean girls reference in their too. You know that only good movie of Lindsay Lohan? Down 9 -Regina George belongs to this group. -Plastics AND YOU HAVE A WINNER!! You would’ve been winning it hard if you knew Eminem’s favorite unit. Still can’t figure that one out. For these intelligent folks the time frame was just half an hour. One could see people sweating it out and scratching their heads for answers. Ever heard the expression, Don’t say that! you’ll Taboo it!! Ya, you guessed it right. The next round was Taboo, and not the simple, words from all over the world type. The really hard type- yeah well the geeky kind. I’m no engineer and some of the words just flew over my head, you know what, that’s an understatement.

Guess word- Milky way

Taboo words- Solar System, Planets, Galaxy, Outer Space.

Guess Guy: Dude! It’s the name of a chocolate.

Team guessers: Kitkat? Bounty? Snikers? Dairy Milk? Jubilee?SM1 Oh yeah definitely, Jubilee it was. I swear I was laughing my head off- well in my head o’course. Words like Kevlar, Trinitrotoluene, Hooks law, stress, Boyles law, Bronze etc were displayed. Hard right? I’d want to see you do it if you disagree? Jeez, in a short time of 15 minutes the contestants really outdid themselves. We’re Engineers after all? With the Rapid Fire round next the theoretical part came to an end. The teams were given 90 seconds to answer as many questions as they could. The questions were very hard to easy, even I could answer some in the blink of an eye. The contestants were too eager and excited to answer the questions, surprising as it was.

The most excessive organic compound found on Earth?


Did you think that the fun had ended? Not entirely to say the least. The practical round came next. Oh this was interesting! Let me put into easy words what I saw. Well, each team was given a few stationary materials like cotton balls, glue, tapes, scissors, sticks etcs. Now what they were supposed to do was to make a safe landing spot for an egg. So that when the egg was thrown over it, it would not break splashing the contents within. It was really intriguing to watch everyone get their heads together and make the perfect landing spot. Some built trampoline like structures, some built forts. It was a riot I must tell you. Crash. BOOM. THWACK! The eggs weren’t too happy I’m afraid. I bet one egg whispered to another saying;

“What kind of engineers are they? Oh Stuart it’s your turn!”

By Ayesha Kaleem NSS-Executive Publications


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