Scion ’15 NEWSLETTER: Caution! Potatoe Cannons Ahead

11181553_10153776224369027_1988728456_oEagerly, I stepped into the room where the cannons that were to shoot potatoes were under construction. Not a single potato was in sight. I did not take that as a bullet to my expectations. Upon asking, I found out that the participants working in teams of three were only going to be assembling the potato cannons today and, much to my chagrin, no potatoes would be flying around any time soon.

I silently walked about the room, trying to see what exactly the participants were doing. Since they seemed so immersed in the assembly of their respective cannons, I decided not to disturb them. I was afraid I would cause their minds to step out of their natural habitats where engineers and scientists shut off the human mode and just let rocket science overpower them.


Just kidding.. But either way, I expected their enthusiasm to be at least up two and a half notches than it appeared to be.

“Kuch kartay huay nazar ao yaar”

said one photographer to a team. With slight chuckles, they shifted in their chairs and started fidgeting with their potato cannon which was in the process of drying, it’d probably take a long time judging by the glue they had smeared over it. After a flash of the camera, they slouched back to their original positions. Apparently, it was a job off the back of their left hand to build it, or so their confident expressions seemed to convey to me.

IMG_1118I took another look around the room. Everyone had been provided with the same basic materials to flaunt their magic with. These materials also included this brown paste which I first mistook for paint.

Emanating a fragrance so potent

I could faint

’Twas no paint

So heavenly

I could kill to taste

This thick brown paste

To hold the machine together

’Twas meant

Under its effect, the cannons could never bent

Indeed, glue from heaven, ’twas!

I am but a fool

Such a tool, such a tool

This glue filled the room with a tangible odour that could put even the best magic markers to shame. As I battled my instincts to go take a whiff of it secretly, I was snapped out of my imagination when I heard some surprising words.

Science na larra zyada, kar lay bus.pc1

Rarely would you be expected to do something other than engaging in science at an event that explicitly describes itself as an application of engineering and science. Upon hearing these words, that participant probably loosened up a bit and began using the drill to make holes whatever way the horse went. Unless potatoes are above science, I don’t think that is a very clever thing to do. I guess we will find out tomorrow.IMG_1107

As the participating teams left the room after leaving their cannons there to dry, I made my way out as well. But not before getting to know the names of the participating teams. One in particular sparked my interest quite a bit; ‘dedicated to bhabi’ was the name. I guess they’ll be shooting potatoes in the name of bhabi. May the force of bhabi be with them, then, because Mad Geniuses and War Hawks seem pretty intimidating on their own without feeling the need to call upon bhabi.

By Zohaa Wajid

NSS-Executive Publications


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