11181553_10153776224369027_1988728456_oScience Olympiad is designed to test the capabilities of the mind and to unleash intellectual potential among the participants and the audience. It’s basically science on steroids (or meth, whatever you prefer). For Chemical Engineers it’s Chem-Mania. Held in SCME (School of Chemical and Materials Engineering), Chem-Mania included three rounds for the teams. The rounds were scenario studies, documentaries and the rapid fire round to be held on Sunday.

In the Scenario Round, all the teams were given envelopes containing case studies of real life chemical hazards in different parts of the world. Being chemical engineers these teams were required to get down to the bottom of these cases. How and why these events occurred, who was responsible and how the havoc could have been prevented. The teams were also asked to make short documentaries on the nature of these occurrences. The contestants were given a time frame of 75 minutes approximately.

They were given access to the library and the computer labs and were asked not to communicate with the any third party and also refrain from using social media websites. For today’s generation that was the real challenge. (I can’t use Facebook?! What a tragedy!)

The teams were to make short presentations to show their case to the judges and audience.

The participants all looked very nervous and mind boggled. When asked about their experience they found it to be exhilarating. The participants were seen to be typing at 88 MILES PER HOUR and racking their brains to find the solutions.

A team was also seen to be experimenting to stimulate the reactions that had occurred on the site to get a better understanding. Heated discussions and arguments were going on all over and some of the team members were even having disagreements. Us Pakistanis are a bit too apt at doing that aren’t we?

As time ran out the teams assembled in the seminar hall and started to present their cases to the judges. The documentaries were well thought out and the use of graphics and design was amazing. They did seem to get a hold of the situations and were asked very critical questions by the judges. Nonetheless the teams came through.

As the day came to an end the thought came to mind that entertaining shows and events have their place but there should always be events to test ones intellectual capabilities and help individuals to surpass their limits.

By Ayesha Kaleem

NSS-Executive Publications


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