SciON: Event details

Event Descriptions


Space Shelter:

In this competition the participants will have to brain storm ideas about space shelter design to cater for different survival conditions on other planets. A comprehensive seminar will be delivered prior to the commencement of the competition. Participants will utilize this information and their skills to construct shelters through the allotted material held together by tape/glue. Moreover, they will be required to deliver a detailed presentation about their structure to justify their design. Winning team will be given cash prize.

Xtreme Programming:

This competition would require programmers to take part in a marathon of coding in which they will be put to the test with 6 continuous hours of coding.

Speed Circuiting:

This competition will put electrical engineering students’ circuitry skills to the test by putting them against a clock to solve a given task.

Chem Mania:

In the first round of this event, we provide you with an opportunity to explain a phenomenon of chemical engineering. The second round tests both your logic and abilities as a chemical engineer by putting you in Sherlock Holmes’ shoes where you have to investigate, analyze and solve a chemical situation that has gone horribly wrong. The event focuses on all the mathematics and knowledge that goes behind designing and manipulating chemical phenomena. The third and final round brings to you the historical concept of rapid fire, optimized just for chemical engineers. The participants have to answer the maximum number of questions they can within the given time constraints.


SciMat will test your knowledge and thinking skills under extreme conditions of pressure, and temperature! First up is Material Athlon, which will have crosswords, rapid fire round and taboo! And L’armour de humpty, don’t let the egg break, simple no? It will surely be a test of your dexterity and craft!

Hydraulic Robot:

This event is about unlocking the inner mechanics of everybody’s mind. Teams have to design a robot which is able to have controlled motion in three dimensional space. In this event this motion is controlled by the hydraulic jacks made out of medical syringes.  Contestants have to use the given material which is medical syringes, vinyl tubing, ice cream sticks etc. to achieve their desired motion.

Potato Cannon:

This event will require the students to build a potato launcher using the material provided. Students will have to use their ingenuity to come up with a good design while using their understanding of projectile motion to improve the range of their potato.

Mind Maze:

This event is designed to test the capabilities of the contestants; at both theoretical and practical level. It comprises of 10 tasks and ranges from rapid fire rounds to answering scientific riddles to getting out of a cubic maze.


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