NSS Trip to Doonga Gali, Ayubia


Yes that was the sound that became the day-mare of the NSS-tians at the Doonga Gali PIPELINE track in Ayubia, Murree. It was a fun-filled day, slightly blighted by the late departure when 6 30 am became 7 00 am and then 7 30 am until finally 8 00 am saw us start our journey to Murree. One word for the bus ride. Epic! Be it a fiercely contested game of antaakshari; some brave attempts at solo singing; or mere audacious dancing, the journey was nothing short of madness in a much happier way. No wonder there were sore throats when we finally reached Murree. We made a short stop there, biding our time eating freshly fried pakoras and then posing on (of all the things) the rooftops of buses for the highly coveted Facebook display pictures. ImageThe second leg of our journey was much like the first one and when we finally arrived at the Pipeline track at around 11 am, the eagerness to embark on the trek couldn’t have been more apparent. The track was pretty ordinary with an almost level slope which was understandable, considering it was a 3.5 km long track to get to a point 15 minutes DOWN the road and it would have remained this ordinary had it not been for the war cries of a certain Amaar Jan Magsi and his gang. A loud “INCOMIIIING” compelled you to turn around, only to get a face-full of snow. The snow (read ammo) was quite abundant lying in random patches on the ground. Taking snaps, making stopovers to enjoy the scenery and throwing occasional snow balls, more than half of the track had been covered, when this scribe along with the hunting guerrillas (Fakhar bhai ,Amaar and Co) came across a large patch of snow. Well, the next person round the turn only got to hear the scream “AAAMBUUUSH” before he got a ball of snow in the face. Then followed an intense, but short snow fight. Continuing down the track, this scribe got the bull’s eye (refer to the image) from a distance of 30 metres. Moving on, we came across a waterfall. No!! Rather we came across science at work and also a person exploring archaeological inscriptions of British era on the rocks and using his switch-blade to prise loose some mushrooms (for lunch maybe?). Further down the road we stopped at the waterfall and had a group photo taken. Another 20 minutes’ of trekking finally saw us reaching our destination aka point-15-minutes-down-the-road. Lunch seemed imminent but apparently our fun tooth had not satisfied its appetite just yet, and there floated a suggestion of going on a chair-lift ride. Some of us opted for the more daring pirate ship and this scribe was the guilty witness to a wholly embarrassing scene, where 3 NSS-tians were scared stiff on the ship, their faces reflecting pure horror, while in the neighbouring seats 5 kids ranging in sizes from 3-4.5 feet were sitting calmly, and apparently enjoying themselves! That 3-year old child should got an Oscar for her happy face while disembarking from the ship. It seemed that growling stomachs would soon turn to growling countenances but along came lunch to pacify the pangs of a hunger, the 3.5 km trek had quite flared up. chicken karahi plus cold drinks was the order of the day in a very literal sense. An enjoyable moment was when one curious person happened to note that the bottles of Pepsi and 7UP we had just drained were 4 months past their expiry date…! As by this time everyone had practically licked their plates clean, so we congratulated ourselves by a vociferous round of applause. STILL ALIVE YEEEAH!! Afterwards, this rag-tag group of 40 or so odd people blocked the road to get a group photo taken but not before the E.C Hashim Khan and company, put forth a dance performance on the tune of baby doll while all the rest of the people watched from above. A final round of tea, coffee charged us up for our return journey and after the shouts of check your bags, we were back on the return journey and BANG! There was our NSS trip!Imagenss trip,


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