INSPIRE! Because you can.

Searching for a job or an internship? Enter INSPIRE 2014!

NUST Science Society (NSS) brings you the latest version of one of the biggest and most productive events of the year, INSPIRE-Internship Student Poster Presentation on Industrial and Research Experience. This is your chance to present your internship experiences or projects to some of the biggest names in the industrial sector of Pakistan through eye-catching posters. Yes folks, people from NESCOM, Ufone, FFC, OGDCL and many other industrial giants are coming, just to gauge your industrial acumen!

Present your internship experience in the form of a poster, employers from across the country will come to see it, and if they like it- bull’s eye, you are employed! In last years’ event, a couple of people got job offerings from companies – before even graduating! Wonderful, no?

In a world where competition is as fierce as Achilles was, you have to rise above and beyond to meet employer expectations. Plus, you seldom give up on an opportunity to advertise your skills because you never know when a job offering might come your way. INSPIRE is just that, a platform for you to showcase your talents to prospective employers.

The perks of participating in INSPIRE are, well there are many! You will get invaluable advice from experienced employers and they will critique your presentations so you will get to learn from your mistakes (if there are any!). Since industrialists from across the country will be coming, you have a big chance of landing a job before your education even ends! By participating you will get to learn the practical aspects of your projects and you can share your internship experiences with the employers. Oh and there are tremendous cash prizes up to Rs. 80,000!

Along with all this there are, my personal favorite, the Career Development Session (CDS). Top notch speakers from across the country will be invited and will speak about their industrial and field related experiences, helping to boost your learning overnight (if you don’t play that obnoxious Flappy Bird during the sessions, that is!). Three such sessions will be held, in which numerous activities apart from the industrialists’ speeches will be held such as CV making tips, question and answer sessions with the employers, among others.

People, slots are limited so register away! 


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