So you think you can smoke ?

Millions of people die due to smoking.

“Yeah yeah tell us something new.”

It causes lung cancer.


“Been hearing that since childhood”.

Passive smoking is dangerous too; some experts say it is more dangerous than smoking itself.

“Well then, why don’t I start smoking?”
Who’s going to stop smoking after hearing these arguments? Huh?

Not me. Give me something new.

Well…let’s see.

Imagine sitting with your date having a romantic session, but it is not so romantic, it’s your first date, and she is uncomfortable and you can’t guess what it is. And then she asks you,

 “Do you smoke?”

Boy boy there goes your date down the drain. Bit pathetic isn’t it. Oh wait did you say your girl smokes too, aww man what could be more awesome than that. Combined smoking sessions late into the night, marriage and then early death, maybe 40 years, kids not even a consideration; I mean why bring those poor souls into this world who you are sure will be orphans before they are even teenagers. Cute isn’t it? Short and happy life of 40 years not even touching old age? And guess what?

Here’s the best part.

Even if you lived the full age expectancy you wouldn’t be able to play with the kids that much ‘cause the smokes sucked up your stamina, most probably the kids would have lung problems themselves, they would underperform and you would be the lucky parents to see your kids be the butt of jokes.

Did I hear you mention that couple, who smoke, have a healthy physique AND their children are not a bit affected by the smokes, in fact they are prodigies, what could be better than that?

But imagine their humiliation when you go to that friend’s wedding and his dad has asthma and won’t come near your parents maybe keep them at arm length? Boy won’t the kids feel sorry for themselves?

Hey why don’t you give us a break and mind your own business?

“Well if you don’t care for your health at least keep in mind the fact that the majority of the world smokes are in low income and middle income countries, I mean standard of living… “.

“Boy we break at PC’s in the morning and supper at Mei-Kong what were you saying again?

And then your younger kid told you how the other kid said,

“I thought you had this problem because your parents fight too much. You even said they smoke. I read somewhere that low income household are more prone to smoking….”

You were telling me about the Serena Hotel?

– By Fouzan Abdullah
The writer is an executive member at NUST Science Society.


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