If only he had listened…

He was running. The goal post was closing in and his legs were pumping their way through the field. It was a dump yard of the local community but the boys used it as a football field for the lack of a better option. He could see the puddle form quite a distance, but his mind was on the ball and telling him to go for it. It was then that he fell; stumbling on a stone, grazing his knee on the ground, which instantly drew blood; straight into the puddle. Last week’s rains had made the field muddy and he couldn’t be held responsible for collapsing on all fours like that. But getting up, he carried on playing, pausing only to rub some dirt on his knee to wipe the blood. His friend, seeing what he was doing, told him that the wound didn’t look good, and as he had just fallen into standing rain water he should wash it properly. But he ignored his friend’s advice, telling himself he was not a sissy. His friend kept telling him to wash the wound as there was the risk of infection, but he told him to shut up. An hour later, on his way home back, his leg began to throb continuously, but he ignored it and kept walking. By the time he reached home, even walking had become a challenge. They took him to the doctor and he immediately rushed him to the operating table. The doctor gave them the bad news. They would have to cut away the affected part to quell the infection, which had got a 2 hours head start. His whole world came crashing down when he learned that he would now be an amputee. The doctor was telling them about taking precautions and being careful. Only thing he could think was, “If I had just listened…”

This was just a story, but it could be anybody’s story. But if we have the required knowledge this can be prevented. It does not mean we should enrol in medical schools, but the basic knowledge is all we need to have.

So this Friday, at SCME seminar hall, come and get enlightened about Breast Cancer and maybe you will be able to save someone’s life one day. In the beautiful words of  Al Quran:

“And whoever saves a soul it is as he had saved mankind entirely.” 5:32Image


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