Do you have what it takes to save the world?

-By Hassaan Munir

As the world moves ahead, it leaves behind a trail of problems. Some of these problems are not that taxing while others get themselves on a global agenda because they encompass the whole world and present a threat to the very existence of civilization. These problems are characterized by their dynamism and their deterrence towards the development of a society. Their solutions thus have to be worked on together by nations combined, as unitary ones do not exist.

NUST Science Society (NSS) is trying to play its role in the face of these global problems by organizing an essay writing competition that deals with some of the more critical conundrums faced by humanity today:

The food problem (Together we can feed the world): Currently, according to the UN, nearly two thirds of humanity lives in countries where there is a constant shortage of food. Specifically in Africa, the food shortage is very severe and people die daily due to malnutrition or eating from polluted or unhygienic sources. You are required to present your take on the food problem, meanwhile presenting some viable solutions.

The energy problem (Together we can build a secure energy future): Energy is a critical component of a nation’s growth and survival. Fuel and energy resources are constantly being depleted, and after a few hundred years, they may disappear altogether. Imagine a world without oil, coal or gas?Can’t? Well imagine the condition of Pakistan and multiply it a 100-fold. If you chose this topic then you would have to provide a probable resolution of the energy crisis that is spreading around the world.

The social issues (Together we can find solutions of complex social problems):  Social problems are situations that directly or indirectly affect the rights and/or impact the lives of a significant number of members of a community. These serious issues require collective, societal efforts to overcome them. Some of the most critical social issues nowadays are: poverty, unemployment, corruption, drug addiction, gender disparity and crime. If you build your essay on this topic then you will have to touch upon each of these problems while giving practical solutions.

REMEMBER to incorporate science in your solution because science holds answers to some of the most glaring questions today. Scientific solutions are some of the most pragmatic and viable ones, as well as more efficient. (This is just another way of saying that you will be disqualified if your essays isn’t in the spirit of science!)

So, grab hold of a pen and paper and do some brainstorming because if your essay turns out be ‘the real deal’ then you can win cash prizes up to Rs. 10,000, while being featured in:
– NUST’s Central Official Publication- The NUSTIAN, which is distributed among top HEC and international forums. Yeah, you can go international!
– The official NUST monthly newsletter- NUST News.
– NSS’s annual magazine journal
– Right here, on the NUST Science Blog.
– Spark’s official Blog
– Receive mention in NSS’s official newsletters.
– Receive mention in publications of GIKI Science Society.

So what else are you waiting for?



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