NSS Welcome

The semester has started and it is time to study. But wait. The new batch has also come and it is time for ragging too. Poor freshies.

Aww we don’t even know our way around the campus yet. Wait, where the School of Chemicals And Materials Engineering was.

Excuse me bhai, kia aap bta skte hain k SCME kahan ha.

It is when you get the utterly strange look that you look around you and realize that the nearest building is SCME.

I am sure we have all seen such similar scene and can relate to them when we first arrived at a new institution be it college, university. So how to solve this navigation problem, especially with a campus as big as H-12, a whole sector of the capital city. Well you don’t have to think too deep, as some people have already thought (or rather sweated) it out and invented the oh-so-very-famous-in-NUST scavenger hunt. Except that this time it is called tech hunt. The best part about this game is that it gives you a good excuse to be literally anywhere in the NUST city ( except of course the few restricted places) and while I don’t know much about NUST, but in the army campuses juniors are generally advised not to roam much. They are told it is for their own good, so the rare case when a junior does get to catch some air (read go to a new place on campus) then he feels quite good about it; course it gives him bragging rights  towards his batch mates. Well NUST Science Society, always acting for the greater good of the world, is organizing a tech hunt for all you new ones ( those who ARE new and those who didn’t  give a damn earlier). But of course a hard day’s work should get rewarded. So after the day long hunt in the hazy autumn scorching sun (boy is it rhyming) there will be a movie night!!

So who did I hear talking about the boring campus life? Never mind I must have misunderstood.

So guys and gals, pack up your bags? No, water bottles rather, make a team and get set for the new way to welcome a batch, scavenger hunt and movie night, right here in NUST for you, on the 26th of September. Course there will be a speech at the start and the end, but everyone has to bear with it so no big deal.

-Fouzan Abdullah

The writer is a student at EME, NUST and a blogger for the NUST Science Society.


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