Is There a Comic Artist in You?

– By Hadia Madni

Who doesn’t love comics? The Justice League, Spider Man, Archie, you name it. For the love of comics, NUST Science Society brings you Sci-toons 2, giving you a chance to explore how you can blend humor with science and show your talent for comic art to the world. And you never know.  You just might be good enough to win a cash prize up to Rs 6000, besides getting your comic displayed on the NUST Science Society Facebook Page.

We have three exciting themes for this year’s Sci-toons 2.

Designed by Mehroz Ejaz
Designed by Mehroz Ejaz

1- In a Parallel Universe:  Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were teleported to a parallel universe. Would green plants be at the top of the food chain? Or maybe the sun would revolve around the earth instead of the other way around. Or maybe humans would be the ones being squished and stepped on by insects. There’s a world of possibilities!

2- If There were no Science: Great ideas build up in your head when you think of a world without science. No laws of Newton. No theories of Einstein and Galileo. And that includes, no gravity. Let your imagination run wild!

3- Technology Like it would be in 2050: Look into the future and visualize what the world would be like in the year 2050. Would humans finally have flying cars, invisilbility cloaks, Jet-packed Skate boards. Or will robots, like popular belief, take over the world. We might even be able to visit more outer space galactic bodies.  After all Science can do wonders.

All you need to do to participate is to register yourselves online, make a comic on any of the three themes, and submit it to us at And no there is absolutely no registration fee. Your comics will be judged on the basis of idea, creativity, originality, and of course, the art itself. So, unleash that inner comic artist in you!

For Details:
Hashim Khan


– The writer is an Executive member of NUST Science Society and a Freshman at the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.


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