‘Don’t agonize. Organize.’ ~Florence Kennedy

– By Anum Khan

In a time not so long ago a dozen files, diaries, notes and index cards were all the tools we needed to sort everything. With technology growth baffling the speed of light, presently many of us carry all the data we need in our pockets. While data storage became important, so did its organization and analysis. Two among the many tools that emerged to save the day were EndNote and SPSS (Statistical Product and Service Solutions).

Explosion of knowledge and technology has made research an integral part of every field. So if you happen to be conducting a large piece of research (which you will sooner or later, mark my words) or writing a detailed essay, you will inevitably need to manage many references from a variety of sources. Let EndNote organize all your references and it guarantees all your bibliographies are automatically generated in the correct bibliographic style!

EndNote & SPSS Training Workshop

If there was a software that 1) Collected data and Organized it 2) Produced an organized reusable output 3) conducted all necessary statistical analysis,
then ‘in the time not so long ago’ it would’ve been described as magic…Today it’s called SPSS!

With SPSS predictive analytics software, you can predict with confidence what will happen next so that you can make smarter decisions, solve problems and improve outcomes.

Don’t hold on to ancient methods of organization else the world will definitely outrun you. Join NUST Science Society from May 17-19 as we help you catch up with these essential tools.


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