Why Get a Certification?

– By Mohammad Yousuf Mehmood

Just did an undergrad in civil engineering? So have about sixty thousand others all over the world. Got a perfect GPA? Well, that’s awesome, except about ten thousand others have it too.

In the increasingly competitive forest that the world is, Darwin’s laws of evolution still apply. No matter how civilized a society gets, there are still those who will grab at every opportunity to push forward, even if it means leaving everyone else behind.

TechTalk on “International Certification for Engineers” offers some tricks that might just help you leap over any hurdles you encounter, and to help you stay in the game.

Designed by: Yasser Zubair
Designed by: Yasser Zubair

TechTalk has invited Asif Akbar, who is the CEO of Obiz, Pakistan, and a leader in corporate and industrial training. His experience in the Oil and Gas Development Corporation as well as his training in Canada, the UK, France, and the USA, has made him a worthy leader of a company that helps to push young minds forward. As CEO of Obiz, Pakistan, he recognizes the importance to have business skills in order to sell investors and companies on ideas.

Now-a-days, it’s simply not enough to have a degree. Companies aren’t looking for high achievers and all rounders any more. They’re looking for the specifically-skilled and the market-oriented thinkers that will take their company to the top.

Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Sony and Exxon Mobil didn’t get to be the most valuable in the world without innovation or without hiring the right people. And the right people for them, were those with specific skills, those with an in depth knowledge of an area such as polymer design or efficient computer programming or economizing oil excavation. And it’s these skill sets that pay the highest salaries and mostly, guarantee a promotion to an administrative position.

But who is to decide your specific skill set? Who certifies it for you?

That’s what TechTalk is all about.

So come along to TechTalk on Certifications and learn what else you need to boost your resume to impress your future boss.

It’s up to you: Are you willing to rest while the pack moves forward? Because evolution doesn’t rest. 

For more details: http://nss.nust.edu.pk/tech-talk-eng/index.html

-The writer is an Executive member of NUST Science Society, and is a Freshman at School of Chemical and Materials Engineering.


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