Zero-ing Down


– By Syeda Qudsia

Blessed was the day when we discovered fire… and blessed we were to ignite the wood, and happy we were, and content.

And then our energy demands got bigger and just burning wood wouldn’t satisfy us. Well, Mother Nature had better in store for us; things She had been preparing for our use for millions and millions of years. And so, in the 18th century, the use of fossil fuels began to rise and we prospered.

Or will they? Source:
Or will they?

And we prospered, and our energy demands got bigger with it. But the succeeding ‘Mother Nature’ was not so cooperative. It refused us when we asked for enough electricity, so we, who could, moved to using more fossil fuels.

But it is not as simple as you might think.

The next Mother Nature in line for the post is already up for cutting down our fossil fuels as well. So, we are going to be pretty much on our own after that.


Here is the ‘green’ idea. If we could make our own energy, all that we need, we would no longer have to rely on the unpredictable, external energy sources. Our major hope: the sun that is still going to be up there for 6 billion or so years from today, and advances in civil engineering, building designs, and green living styles.

This time around we have just the right thing arranged for you, our Tech Talk session on Zero-Energy Homes. Mr. Saad Asif, our speaker, will be taking you through energy efficient buildings, and mechanical systems and designs to accomplish the feat of building structures that have a total of zero watt power demand from their environment.

So come and discover the new technology!Designed by: Sana Javed
So come and discover the new technology!
Designed by: Sana Javed

Mr. Saad Asif is the founder and CEO of Nexton Group, and started with renewable energy solutions, consequently completing the biggest solar power projects in private sector in Pakistan when his group installed solar panels and geysers from Umerkot in Sindh to the K2 base camp.

Sum = Zero
Sum = Zero

So, any questions you may have about renewable energy resources, or zero-energy homes, we are providing you with the best opportunity to understand and clarify your concepts. Come and fire away!

Together, we will not only get to know zero-energy housing from close-up, but also how we can get the benefit out of all these schemes at an individual level.

On second thoughts, it might not be as difficult as you think.

– The writer is an Executive member at NUST Science Society and a senior at Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences

Designed by: Sana Javed
Designed by: Sana Javed

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