– By Hashim Khan

 Did Einstein really use just 20% of his brain? Do the Dolphins really survive without water?

Once again NUST Science Society through its weekly episodes of Quiz Whizz aims to enlighten its followers by distinguishing between facts and myths! Yesterday in Quiz Whizz we asked you:

Which of these statements are true?

 1. Steel is more elastic than rubber

2. An average human uses less than 8% of his brain

3. Dolphins do not drink water

We would like to thank all of you for taking out time and answering the question. Kindly read on to find out the correct answer.

Elasticity is the capability of an object to return to its former shape once a load inducing strain is removed. And if we compare steel and rubber specimen of the same size it is clear that steel can withstand a much larger force before being permanently deformed. Hence Steel is more elastic than rubber.

The statement that humans use merely 8-10% of their brain is widespread and has been used in advertising campaigns and popular culture for years. And while only a small number of our brain’s neurons are actively firing at any one moment, it doesn’t mean the rest of our brain is just sitting around idle.

Brain imaging research shows that just about all of our brain is used over the course of a day. Brain function isn’t extremely localized: different parts of the brain handle different functions, and this is spread throughout the brain — there is no 90% of unused gray matter lying around up there.

Einstein used 100% of his brain! But so do you!

And Finally, Dolphins do not drink water – if they drank sea water it would make them ill and potentially kill them. They get all of their liquid needs through the foods they eat. 

Congratulations to those of you who opted for the correct answer. Stay tuned for the next episode of QUIZ WHIZZ, on Monday 10:00 pm.

The writer is a member of the NUST Science Society and a Sophomore at NUST School of Chemical and Materials Engineering.


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