NUST Science Society: A Year in Review

– By Ammar Farooq

National Symposium on the Peaceful Application of Radiation Technologies. Credits: Zeyshan Tariq @ Zeyshan Clicks
National Symposium on the Peaceful Application of Radiation Technologies.
Credits: Zeyshan Tariq @ Zeyshan Clicks

The year finally came to an to an end and here again, the NUST Science Society stands victorious after organizing over 22 events in a year. A jaunt instigated a year back finally comes to halt and yet another starts with more fervor, experience, and teamwork. Previous year’s vivid spectrum of events not only include scientific workshops, symposia, and tech talks but also fun oriented field trips, astronomy nights, and scavenger hunts.

In year 2012, the society organized four tech talk sessions on different topics such as Clean Coal Technology, Wind and Solar Energy, Energy Crisis and NUST Solutions, etc, to quench the ever increasing thirst of knowledge-seekers. Many notable hotshots from various associations and academia were invited to these sessions to impart knowledge on different topics. To make the youth realize that they can be the Archimedes of aeon, NSS invited Dr. Atta Ur Rahman and Maj. Gen Dr. Azhar Mehmood in separate sessions of “Meet the Scientists” to make their success stories heard by common people. Like before, this year women weren’t put to oblivion either. A seminar was held on “Women in Science”, on International Women Day, to pay homage to the women who strived hard in the field of science. An awareness seminar on breast cancer was also organized under the banner “Wear it Pink”.

Designed By: Maria Muneer
Designed By: Maria Muneer
Participants at Training Session for SPSS
Participants at Training Session for SPSS

NSS  also had major focus on practical knowledge and skill development as well. A multitude of training workshops on computer software programs have been organized. This included a 3-day workshop, each on MS Excel, MS Project, EndNote X5, and Statistical Package for Social Sciences.  NSS also ensured that it could be of help to students in their most haunting nightmare of final year project. ‘Design Drill’, ‘Road to Success’, ‘What, When and Who’, and numerous other lectures were organized to provide tips and notions on preparing eye-catching FYPs.

Field Trip to Tarbela.Credits: Farhan Zahid
Field Trip to Tarbela.
Credits: Farhan Zahid

Aside from these mind boggling events related to science, science, and science, making even bookworms dreadful of being losing up their minds, NUST Science Society ensured that their members didn’t go into a deep-seated coma after getting too much science in their veins. An extravagant dose of field trips and scavenger hunts ensures normal working of human mind. Previous year, two field trips were arranged to Pakistan Natural History Museum and Tarbela Hydroelectric Dam, which indeed were a great success as many students showed their interest in getting on-board. In accordance to the cliché “Healthy body ensures healthy mind”, the society arranged a number of scavenger hunts on various occasions.

Science Bee and Mensa IQ Test were last to garnish this eclectic piece of scientific pie baked in a year’s time. The competition was an open call to schools, colleges, and universities to compete their iron for the winner’s trophy. Mensa IQ Test, a standardized testing of IQ conducted by Mensa International, was also held on the same day as of Science Bee Competition.

Designed by: Memoona Zaheer
Designed by: Memoona Zaheer

And now to add cherry to this pie, making it tempting enough for the “science diabetics”, NSS presents you INSPIRE. An event intended to have world most-renowned employers and internee students at the same place to learn, experience, and inspire! Engineers related to civil, chemical, computer, electrical and mechanical technologies will put forward their internship poster presentations this February, 2013. And yes it’s going to be in 2013.  All doubters and supporters of Mayans behold, and panic not, as INSPIRE is coming your way…

– The writer is an Executive member of NUST Science Society and a sophomore at NUST Institute of Civil Engineering.

Designed by: Yasser Zubair
Designed by: Yasser Zubair

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