Science Bee – Bringing out the Science in You!

– By Raza Ur Rehman 

So, NUST Science Society has once again taken a distinctive initiative towards the promotion of Science among the youth, introducing the enthralling, adrenaline-pumping event by the name of Science Bee. Yes, you are right, it’s not only going to be a Science Quiz, but an equitable fusion of entertainment and an opportunity to attain knowledge of science through practical learning. For all the science-maniacs out there, it provides you a flamboyant chance to display your skills and knowledge to the world, as well as to embellish them by competing against finest of the brains around town.

Freshmen at universities and students from various high schools/colleges from all over Rawalpindi and Islamabad region will compete to own the crown. Your ingenuity, dexterity and conceptual knowledge would be put to test in these severe, yet fascinating competitions:

Designed by Usman Shahid
Designed by Usman Shahid

Mind Buzz (Round 1)

A written round, where the participants are required, to answer the theoretical questions related to distinct fields of Science. An ordeal set up to put your brains to work for upcoming hurdles.

Compound Eyes (Round 2)

Wanted to comprehend, like Sherlock Holmes? Well, if yes, then this round is for you, it will assess your vigilance and your ability to succumb new information, in this round you will be shown science affiliated videos, followed by relating questions.

Sting Mode (Round 3)

This is a practical round that would test your ingenuity and creativity, swinging your brains to action. This would test your ability to turn imaginations into creations.

The Queen Bee (Round 4)

Yes, finally to top it all off, we have a rapid fire contest among the qualifying teams. Only the toughest team with the perfect blend of coordination, teamwork and presence of mind would get to wear the crown.

The Mensa IQ Test

Assuming that the Science Bee is not enough to quench the insatiable thirst of the participating Science-heads, and keeping that in mind, an optional IQ test is being held for Science Bee participants and ALL NUST students alike, alongside the ‘Bee’. Mensa is the oldest high-IQ society and the most widespread; its requirement for membership is a 98th percentile in standardized IQ tests. It would be a real proud thing to be a part of such a prestigious organization, enabling you to exchange your creative ideas with fellow intellectuals.

Last but not the least, as you know, an event like this would be lifeless without the esteemed presence of a Chief Guest. It had to be someone who inspires the youth, and is idealized by many of them, so for your pleasure we have chosen the right person, yes, he is none other than Ali Moeen Nawazish.

You can register for the Mensa IQ test and Science Bee here.

For details, visit our website here or contact Idrees Hussain (0321-2820604)

– The writer is an Executive member of NUST Science Society and a Sophomore at School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences.

– Poster designed by Usman Shahid. 


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