Final Year Project Know-Hows

– By Anum Yousaf Khan

Mr. Kamal Mustafa

SCME Students were joined by the school’s alumnus, Kamal Mustafa, on October 9, 2012. Mr. Mustafa is currently enrolled in a Masters degree in Energy Systems.  The focus of his lecture was one of the deciding points of a student’s degree: the Final Year Project (FYP).

Kamal Mustafa shed light on the general considerations and the basic checklist for FYP completion. He did so by quoting an example of his own, much credited FYP by the title of “Design of a Coal Gas – Urea Complex pilot plant”, which his group undertook under supervision of Dr. Samar Mubarakmand himself. From this topic, the students were able to visualize the areas where their theoretical knowledge would gain application. Mr. Mustafa was particular about the motivation and excitement behind a project, deeming it to be priceless.

The event proved profitable for all students giving them an early head start, specifically benefiting those who intended to do a plant design project.

 The author is executive member of NUST Science Society and a Junior at School of Chemical and Materials Engineering.

– Picture Credits: Khan Ume Salma Danish


2 thoughts on “Final Year Project Know-Hows

  1. Doesn’t update about the content of the talk at all and seems more like a formality report. Blog should add value-added information in such reports so that those who couldn’t attend the session can follow the advice through this forum. Link to slides would have been beneficial both for NUST and non NUST students

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