Materials Engineering – The Road to Success

– By Nadia Naseer

“Materials Engineering – The Road to Success” event was held on September 27, 2012 at 16:00 hours in SCME Seminar Hall. Hassaan Ahmad Butt, recent graduate from BE Materials Engineering and a permanent position engineer at NESCOM, was the guest speaker at the talk and he inspired materials engineering students greatly with his accomplishments. He briefly explained the importance of Final Year Project and asked the students to take it seriously as it tests what you have learned in the past 3 years at SCME. Furthermore, Hassaan discussed job prospects of materials engineering and elaborately listed the type of industries in Pakistan and all over the world where such engineers can attain jobs. During the question-answer session, he provided guidance on whether to choose surface or industrial as an elective during the 5th semester.

About the session, Hassan Zaheer said, “it was worthwhile listening to someone who has been in our shoes and who understood our fears and anticipations more than any other speaker could. Feel a bit reassured after today’s session that Materials wasn’t a bad choice. Kudos to the NSS team for coming up with such an event.”

“The event was worth attending for all materials engineers!” said Maham Chauhadry. Mamoona Zaheer said, “It was encouraging to hear the success story and the talk was really informative regarding what actually an FYP is and about which elective you should choose.”

The author is an executive member of NUST Science Society and a junior at School of Chemical and Materials Engineering


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