“FYP – What, When and How!”

– By Nabeel Ahmed Khan

Seaker, Sannan Yousaf Toor, at the session.

The “FYP – What, When and How!” seminar was held at SCME on the 26th of September and hosted by the department’s own Sannan Yousuf Toor. Mr. Toor is one of the students of SCME’s pioneer batch of Chemical Engineering and currently working in the Operations Department of Engro Fertilizers, Ltd. at the Daharki Plant. The seminar focused on the final year students of both Chemical and Materials Engineering yet there were many third year students of both disciplines who attended the seminar.

The seminar was focused on the process of Final Year Projects and discussed how they represent an engineer’s capabilities and proficiency in their relative fields. Besides this, the seminar led the students through each step of the FYP Timeline, telling them (in order) how much time they should spend on each phase of the project and what they should do for each. Students also received some helpful tips about how to form groups and manage time so they could finish their projects well ahead of time. The guidance was considered very useful by the final year students. As one student said:

“The session was just what we needed to start us off in the path to selecting a final year project. Now we know beforehand how to choose the most effective topic and how to manage our time.”

The audience.

The seminar was well focused and delivered the maximum amount of information in the most endurable amount of time. Students were kept interested in the seminar by asking discursive questions, which involved the viewers and kept up the overall rhythm of the seminar.

To summarize, the seminar was a tremendous help for the students and showed how the alumni of NUST can still interact with their alma mater in a productive manner. Mr.Toor shared information that cannot be found in any books and that is rarely received from the project supervisors. Overall the seminar had a very good impact on the students, especially those in the final year. NUST Science Society hopes to carry on enlightening students here at NUST with more such sessions!

– The author is a senior at School of Chemical and Materials Engineering

– Pictures by Mallick Zeyshan Tariq @ Zeyshan Clicks


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