Gathering of Math-Lovers at GIKI

By Syeda Qudsia

Students participating in Mensa IQ test.

2nd All Pakistan Mathematics Olympiad (APMO), 2012, was held at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI), Topi, from September 28-30, in which NUSTians won two categories. High school and undergraduate students from all over Pakistan participated in different competitions.

Team SMME, winners of “Mathematical Modelling” and 1st runner up in “Invent the Blueprint”

The Olympiad was arranged by GIKI Mathematics Society in collaboration with Mensa Pakistan Chapter. The Olympiad featured a number of competitions, involving mathematical and analytical skills combined with the presence of mind. The main feature of APMO was Mensa IQ test. The test was compulsory for all participants whereby the high score-takers, scoring in the top 2% population of Pakistan, would be offered Mensa membership. The package also included a movie screening, and a module providing the chance to explore GIKI by finding correct answers to a series of questions provided and discovering the route to a final, unknown destination.

Team CAMPians, winners of “Invent the Blueprint”

Ali Arsal Raza, Muhammad Talha Attiq, and Saad Munir of Team SMME from School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (SMME) grabbed the first position in the module “Mathematical Modeling”, which involved developing a mathematical solution to a provided, real-world problem.

“Invent the Blueprint” was aimed towards creative thinking in mathematics and was won by Hassan Nadeem, Rehan Ameen, and Bakhtiar Khan of Team CAMPians from Center for Advanced Mathematics and Physics (CAMP). Team SMME were 1st runner up in the same category and Team French Toast Mafia consisting of Syeda Qudsia, Hafsah Akhtar, and Nayab Nawaz from Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB) stood as 2nd runner up.

Team French Toast Mafia, 2nd runner up in “Invent the Blueprint”

– The author is a member of Team NUST Science Blog and a senior at Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences.

– Pictures Courtesy GIKI Mathematics Society


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