The Space Bar

– By Syeda Qudsia

It takes the most s p a c e on our keyboards, and makes 2 of our thumbs busy when we are working on it… and so I felt it, as I Shift-ed my gaze over my keyboard, how I had an un-Ctrl-able hatredforthe s p a c e   b a r… andithitmewithsucharealization.what’s.the.point.there,are;so:many/other’keys[and]it~is=the!key£that*takes+the^most?space_anyway#IMeanTheCapsLockWorksFine-and-I-have-always-loved-the-hyphen








Delete,it/or:insert\it’’I{Tab}care… But now I have come on terms with the fact that everything has its own place and   t h e   s p a c e   b a r   h a s   i t s   o w n   a d v a n t a g e s !

– The author is a member of Team NUST Science Blog and a senior at Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences.  





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