The Perfect Way to Dive into Life at NUST

Arrangements for Astronomy Night organized by NUST Science Society

– By Zainab Khawaja

NUST Science Society welcomes all NUSTians to an exciting academic journey by inviting you all to join NSS. As the largest and most active society, with over 500 members and more events than you can keep track of, this is definitely the best way to kick-start a new year of your life.

Members have all the added benefits to make sure university life never hits a slow slump, including up to half off on all society events, a plethora of competitions (where you can test your skill and maybe win some prize money as well), the opportunity to attend national symposia, conferences, and exhibitions on a variety of topics, and much more.

The team that works hard but parties harder 🙂 Credits: Mallick Zeyshan Tariq @ Zeyshan Clicks

NSS offers its members the chance to explore the scientific and technological world of Pakistan through regular field trips, prestigious internship opportunities, and lectures given by the most accomplished scientists of our time, for example, our world-famous patron, Dr. Samar Mubarakmand.

Dr. Samar Mubarakmand, mentor of NUST Science Society, at “Meet The Scientist”

NSS allows each member a chance to apply for executive membership and join the host team. At NSS, we maintain a culture of professional cooperation, assistance, teamwork, and perseverance. We are proud of our achievements at NUST, and our role in representing our university to the student body at large, and throughout Pakistan.

Actively participating in a society not only allows you to join in on fun movie nights, lecture series, and a holistic organizational experience, but also allows you to build your character, learn a few new tricks, and spiff up your CV! Don’t let this opportunity slip you by – I promise you, NSS is the best choice.

– The author is executive member of NUST Science Society and a Junior at NUST Business School. She blogs at

– Pictures From NUST Science Society

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