Why a NUSTian, But an EMEnent?

– By Ehtisham Tanvir, College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

In the year 2012, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) won its place in the top 100 universities in Asia, with a rank number 53 in the field of IT and Engineering throughout Asia. This along with its highly qualified faculty, bright students, spacious and highly equipped labs has made it a dream place for every student seeking a future in different engineering related  disciplines. NUST, with the collaboration of Pakistan Armed Forces, now has a total of six constituent colleges in Rawalpindi, Risalpur, and Karachi along with huge headquarters in Islamabad.

The recent spike in publicity of NUST headquarters highlighting its beautiful infrastructure and spacious campus has put its constituent colleges and their features totally in dark for the new applicants. Being the HQ, the applicants have everything to do with H-12 campus, which in turn makes them unaware of the charms that its constituent colleges hold. Even on NUST’s official website, all pictures displayed belong to NUST H-12 sector; owing to the physical beauty of H-12 campus. All these factors combined tend to make the constituent military colleges somewhat secondary in importance to candidates. In a nutshell, the applicants have truly fallen for the beauty of H-12 campus. There is a need of displaying these colleges’ true importance and of the role they play in making NUST a reputable institute of this country in front of new candidates, and they need to be guided with ground realities.

I, being a student of College of E&ME, find this a matter of great concern and in the upcoming paragraphs shall try to throw some light on the factors that really make College of E&ME a very good option for new applicants.

Credits: Ussama Bin Sajid @ Facebook


Whilst reading posts of prospective students on a Facebook page I have found that applicants have fear that EME has very strict discipline. This, to the very best of my knowledge, is true. But I am sure of one thing, that the discipline of EME College is one thing that makes it a different institution. Table manners, respect of your seniors, following a proper dress code, prohibition of gender mixing other than the classes, are some of the things that are taught hands in hands with technical studies in the College of E&ME. So, one should not be fearful of these restrictions but should accept them as something of one’s own benefit.

Hostels’ and College’s General Infrastructure:

Addressing the fear of not-so-good hostels and infrastructure, here are some sound arguments. Being an old college, the infrastructure of College of E&ME is not as attractive as that of NUST H-12 campus, but it fulfils all the requirements of both, teachers and students. Although workshops and labs are old, but have all the machinery that is required to carry out experiments and technical work needed throughout the four-year engineering course. As evidence, consider the fact that till year 2012, NUST H-12 students had to come to College of E&ME to carry out their workshop practice sessions. Hostels, being old, are not  in a very good condition and need renovation, but fulfill general requirements of living.

On-Campus Co-curricular and Extra Curricular Activities:

I have heard from some applicants that H-12 has better co-curricular and extra-curricular activity chances as compared to College of E&ME. Well, at EME, we have one-of-its-kind, multi-purpose hall that has decently equipped separate gymnasiums for both male and female students for carrying out basketball, badminton, table tennis, and volleyball matches. Besides, the college has other playing fields and facilities as well. The college also has fully functional societies like American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME EME Student Chapter), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE EME Student Chapter),  NUST Volunteers Club (NVC EME Chapter), Society for promotion of Arts & Literature (SPAL), and Society of Adventure and Sports (SAS), which are totally organized and run by student committees.  Events, like EME Olympiad, NUST Thematic Festival (NTF), Computer Project Exhibition & Competition (COMPEC), National Engineering Robotics Competition (NERC), and on-campus workshops, not only educate the students but also train them to work as teams and increase their self-confidence.

Now I shall throw some light on some factors that really make EME College a place worth studying in:

EME Alumni:

EME college has, this year, passed out its 30th batch. This fact signifies a large alumni of EMEnents in the job market. It is a well known fact that though skills are necessary to get a job, but if skills are combined with an alumni member of your institute interviewing you for the job, then this minimizes your minor shortcomings and makes you a strong candidate. EME College’s graduates are now dispersed in every industry and famous engineering and product manufacturing firm throughout Pakistan and even abroad, and this really gives new graduates a strong back.

Departments and their Specialities:

EME College has a total of four departments at the BS level: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, and Computer Engineering. Mechatronics department at EME is considered the best in Pakistan. National Engineering Robotics Competition is one-of-its-kind event held annually in EME College by Mechatronics department and attracts hundreds of engineering students from all over Pakistan. Plus, these Mechatronics engineers are highly skilled in control systems, programmed robots, and automated industry. Mechanical Engineering department is also considered one of the best Mechanical Engineering departments in Pakistan. Students of this department come up with highly innovative design projects each year, which are helping the industry. Also, participation of students of this department in competitions, like Shell Eco Marathon in Malaysia, and winning technical innovation awards and mileage awards, enhances their grip over technical knowledge. The department of Electrical and Computer engineering provide the job market with such technically and professionally trained engineers that, even in these fields which are suffering from saturation problems, they give a tough competition to engineers from other institutes.

Keeping all these factors in view, one can simply feel free to opt for College of E&ME and hope to have a bright future. It is truly said:

“All that glitters, is not gold”


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