Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan (1936 – onwards)

– By NUST Science Society

He is recognized as the leading figure behind Pakistan’s nuclear weapon assets. His work on Industrial Uranium Enrichment Plant for peaceful application of nuclear technology has resulted in a breakthrough in the field of metallurgy and materials science, and due to his consistent efforts, the process of enrichment of Uranium was successfully completed. This breakthrough ultimately resulted in the historic explosion of six nuclear bombs in May 1998.

Dr. A.Q. Khan was born in Bhopal on the 1st of April. He obtained his B.Sc. degree in 1960 from the University of Karachi. Dr. Khan completed his M.Sc. in 1967 from Delft Technological University of Leuven, Belgium. He has received honorary degrees of Doctor of Science from the University of Karachi (1993), Doctor of Science from Baqai Medical University (1998), Doctor of Science from Hamdard University (1999) and Doctor of Science from the U.E.T., Lahore (2000).

Abdul Qadeer Khan is the only Pakistani citizen who has been twice honored with the Nishan-e-Imtiaz, to date, first in 1996, and then again on 14, August, 1998. He was awarded Hilal-e-Imtiaz in 1989. Added to this list were the Gold Medal by the citizens of Kahuta (March 1984), Justice Hamood-Ur-Rehman Gold Medal (1984), Gold Medal (Man of the Nation Award 1990) by Pakistan Institute of National Affairs, Pakistan Silk & Rayon Mills Association Gold Medal (March 7, 1998).

Numerous positions held by him include chairman of ‘Dr. A. Q. Khan Research Laboratories’, Kahuta (1976-2011), Project Director ‘GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology’, Topi, as well as being the founding member of ‘Foundation for the Advancement of Engineering Sciences and Advanced Technologies’, Islamabad. He served as lifetime president of “Society for the Promotion of Technical Education” and Board of Directors’ at Dr. A. Q. Khan Institute of Technology.

Sketch by Syed Ayaz, NUST Science Society

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