Wormholes Redefined

Theoretical Model of a Wormhole. Taken from “The Encyclopedia of Science”.

– By Kunwer Faran, NUST Science Blog

Imagine you are standing somewhere in Islamabad and you wish to travel to New York (badly), but the glitch is that you have no money, no visa and the miscellaneous stuff required; wouldn’t you just wish that you were somehow teleported there? Indeed you would. Now time to praise magnificent science: it has created a provision for you in this case as well.

It’s called a wormhole. Basically it is a topographical structure in space time, which connects two points of space time together and you can travel through it and reach the desired destination. To get a clearer concept of a wormhole, consider a 2D sheet and mark two points on the edges. So far, basic science tells us that the shortest distance between these two points would be a straight line connecting them. A few people (Schwarzschild, Einstein, and men of same stature) thought out of the box and said why not bring the points together by folding the sheet, which would undoubtedly become the shortest distance. As the two points become one-on-top-of-the-other, the distance between them will be left to almost nothing.

The above example can only be considered for visualization purposes only; here we converted two dimensions into three (as we live in 3D, it can be visualized). This means that an actual wormhole can extend to more than four dimensions, and you may not be able to connect two points in space at your own will.

Right now, we are not at a stage when we can buy ourselves a ticket for a wormhole as it exists only in equations, but when we can, boy I want a trip to the north star 🙂


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